Vision Ireland Shop Fit-out Project

OAK Project Management was tasked to carry out shell and core and fit-out works to 2 stores in Midleton Co. Cork on behalf of the tenant, Vision Ireland. These stores, both situated in the town, had suffered severe damage due to flooding. The Client’s directive was to remove all damaged materials, restore the buildings and complete the fit-out.

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The Challenge

  • The flooding incident occurred in the run-up to the Christmas shopping season, one of the charity’s busiest shopping periods, heightened the urgency to reopen the stores as soon as possible.
  • Floods can compromise the structural integrity of buildings. Before fitting out the stores, we needed to assess the extent of damage to walls, floors, and other structural elements to ensure they were safe and stable. This led to some variations in the scope of work, which we needed to communicate to the Client and get their approval on whilst managing to keep the project on schedule. e.g. Lino changed to laminate flooring, raising pavement at the entrance, and insulation behind the shop front signboard.
  • Floodwaters can introduce contaminants and damage that may not be immediately visible. This includes hidden damage to electrical systems, insulation and other critical components. Identifying and addressing these issues can be challenging.
  • Flooded areas need thorough drying before fit-out works can commence. Efficiently drying out these premises was essential to prevent mould growth and other long-term issues. The duration for drying can vary depending on the severity of the flooding and was a significant unknown.
  • Fitting out the stores involved multiple trades such as carpentry, electrical, plumbing, plastering, glazing and painting. Coordinating these tasks can be challenging, especially when dealing with unforeseen issues arising from flood damage, particularly during the run-up to Christmas when trades and suppliers are already extremely busy.
  • Meeting the Client’s timeline whilst ensuring quality work added to the project’s challenges.
  • The flood damage repair and fit-out works put a strain on the Client’s budget. Balancing cost-effectiveness with quality became crucial in this scenario.

Our Solution

  • A detailed survey of the condition of the stores was conducted before any work commenced.
  • We used commercial heaters and dehumidifiers to accelerate the drying out process of the stores.
  • We ensured strong communication between different trades to ensure a smooth workflow.
  • We clearly communicated realistic timelines to the Client and kept them informed of progress and any challenges throughout the duration of the project.
  • We prioritised work in store 1 to enable them to commence merchandising work whilst work was still underway in store 2.

The Final Outcome

  • The final outcome of fitting out the flood-damaged stores was highly successful.
  • Despite the challenges posed by the flood damage, the project was completed on schedule.
  • The stores were structurally restored and fitted out to the new Vision Ireland standard.
  • The detailed survey conducted before initiating any work helped identify and address both visible and hidden damages, ensuring a thorough restoration of both premises.
  • Coordination among various trades, including carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and painting, was successfully managed, resulting in a streamlined and efficient workflow.
  • The Client’s urgent need to reopen the stores, especially during the busy Christmas shopping season, was met, contributing to the Client’s overall satisfaction.
  • In the face of budget limitations, the project was carried out with minimal need for additional budgetary allocations.
  • Regular and transparent communication with the Client throughout the project helped manage expectations and kept the Client informed about progress, challenges and any necessary adjustments.
  • Overall, the successful completion of the project showcased the effectiveness of the implemented solutions and the project team’s expertise in overcoming the challenges associated with fitting out a flood-damaged store.