Social Housing Development

Developing Social & Affordable Home Solutions
Delivering turn key projects on time, on budget, and safely.

Working hand in hand with our partners to provide the highest quality and affordable homes.

Oak Project Management are primed to be a vital strategic partner with approved housing bodies and charities that provide social and affordable homes.

Our experience in the sector allows our team to take an existing unused property and develop a home. We provide turn-key solutions, from commercial and residential conversions to greenfield residential developments.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is in our DNA! Our team is committed to providing our clients with quality service, material and products, backed up by recognised certification in everything we do.

Living Over the Shops (LOTS)

Putting keys to homes in families hands and revitalise town centres

Our goal is to deliver a national strategy with a local approach. We are working hand in hand with the charity retailer and approved housing bodies to create a coordinated roll-out of delivering high-quality homes above retail properties.

We can project manage a rapid turnaround of refurbished homes, putting the keys into the hands of families in as little as 16 weeks from project commencement. Our strategy to revitalise existing premises through a repair and lease scheme is a low-cost, high-impact, stainable housing solution and green engine on the high street.

Commercial to Residential conversions

We specialise in regenerating urban areas by repurposing unused or underutilised commercial buildings into affordable homes. We work with our clients to complete all planning aspects to adapt commercial spaces into modern, functional residential units catering to diverse housing needs. Converting existing unused properties is more cost- effective compared to newly constructed residential units in the same area allows for challenged budgets to go much further. Our “Connecting Strength” ability in the construction industry with architects, designers, and construction firms guarantees a commitment to quality projects and design excellence.

Greenfield Residential Development

Oak Project Management provide a turn-key solution for the greenfield development of social and affordable homes at the lowest possible costs while maintaining the highest quality materials and workmanship.

We take these projects through the full planning process through all phases of development and handover. Where possible, we will utilise the benefits of modern construction methods and modularisation of home building and offsite manufacturing.

Installation & Management of Environmental Sensors

Our environmental sensor solutions protect lives and property. Our systems will ensure properties are safer and allow for reduced costs and energy consumption. By utilising the “IoT”, our solutions provide intel for better management of social housing buildings. We work with the leading manufacturers and offer the optimum solution for each project’s specific challenges. Our environmental sensor systems consist of a network of smoke, fire and carbon monoxide sensors and alarms with a gateway to connect them all. The centralised dashboard monitoring with key insights is provided via data analytics, including alert-based notifications pushed to designated persons or teams.