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Retail, Residential and Maintenance

Oak PM specialises in Retail, Residential and Maintenance works (RR&M).  With an experienced, inhouse team of skilled and professional workmen, Oak PM carries out shop fitouts ranging from turnkey projects to small refurbishment and maintenance works. 

Oak PM offers a cyclical maintenance and adhoc maintenance service, providing a unique service offering beginning from design and construction to facilities maintenance and property management.

Retail Fitout Rails and Furniture.png

When specialist services are required, Oak PM will connect with industry experts to provide a full end to end service.  Some of these specialist services include;

  1. Stock Condition Survey reporting and preventative maintenance planning

  2. Energy efficiency surveys and energy retrofits

  3. Undertaking asbestos and legionella surveys

  4. Building safety compliance services

  5. Installing and servicing CCTV and fire alarm systems

  6. Designing and creating bespoke shop fittings

  7. Sourcing and installing external signage

"Focused on the provision of services to the social housing and charity retail and residential sector, Oak PM RR&M is competitive in its price and its service delivering projects on time, safely and on budget."


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