Data Centers

Edge Data Centers

Edge data centres enable computing near the source of data. Traditional cloud storage at centralised data centres can hinder network efficiency through bandwidth limitations and latency. By bringing computing to the "edge" of a network, the data has less distance to travel, hence reducing latency. By performing processes locally and only sending essential information to the cloud, businesses and devices can drastically reduce bandwidth requirements. All of this translates to improved efficiency, faster network speeds and an enhanced customer experience.


Edge computing helps companies take advantage of the growing number of Internet of Things (IoT) applications improving efficiency, network speeds and enhancing customer experience.

The market for edge computing has expanded rapidly in recent years, and is set to skyrocket with the growing demand for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Containerised Data Centers offer portable Edge computing simply and effectively. Containerised solutions offer several key benefits such as:

  • On Site Edge computing solution

  • Data Security

  • Portability

Oak offers project management services for the construction of Containerised and Modular Data Centre Solutions.

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Enterprise Data Centers

Enterprise Data Centers are private facilities with the sole purpose of supporting a single organisation, located either on premises or off-premises. Enterprise Data Centers offer unique benefits for organisational networks including:

  • Security

  • IT Visibility

  • Compatibility with specific software applications

Oak offers project management services for the construction of Enterprise Data Centers.

Hyperscale Data Centers

Hyperscale Data Centers is a facility owned and operated by the company it supports. They offer robust and scalable applications with a range of services for individuals and businesses. These Data Centers generally have a minimum of 5000 servers linked with a high-speed network to facilitate heavy IT loads.


Oak provide Project Management services for Hyperscale Data Centre solutions.   

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